Whimsy by the yard

This is one of the National Garden Festival Open Gardens here in Buffalo. This garden was in Lancaster, NY. About 75 Buffalo Niagara gardens are open and free to the public for certain hours on Thursdays and Fridays for five weeks each year.

It was on a corner lot -- wide open to the neighborhood. It is not anything I would do with my garden. First thing I'd have done is fenced it in from the public! It had many great vignettes she's work hard to create. The creativity of the gardener cannot be denied. It is bright, colorful and cheerful, just like its owner.

Nice nook with mirror, chandelier and bench.
Another seating area. Still too wide-open for my taste, but I like the hanging faux window.
There were too many clever vignettes to photograph!
The garden shed looks like a playhouse, complete with brick patio and window boxes.
Hand painted window was nice around the small table pergola/patio area.
The scarecrow wasn't so scary. Not sure I'd like a garden so open to the neighborhood.


  1. Many whimsical vignettes. It was a lot of work to make all this and present it so well. Missed this one.

  2. Totally fun and inviting...thanks for the photos.


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