Balancing Rock Garden, Part 1

On the Buzz Around Hamburg Garden Walk this past July, in Hamburg, NY,  I came across this unique and really cool garden. It had the expected annuals & perennials that you'd find in any Western New York garden, (and honestly I don't remember noticing the plants at all) but what made it standout was the balanced rocks throughout the entire garden. Rocks balanced on other rocks, or balanced on sticks.

The precariously-placed rocks were a delight. You've got to have some stones to spend so much time balancing stones and then inviting the public into your garden. No telling how much time was spent re-stacking stones.

This post only shows half of their garden, I'll post the other half in a day or two --  their other pergola, waterfall, creek, teak path, and more stonework!

The odder the shape of the stones, the more interesting the balancing act.
The overall garden had gravel paths around garden beds, along with a swinging chair, picnic table and pergola.
Even pots get a perch on well-placed rocks.
Stones-on-a-stick! As interesting as any flowers.
This garden rocks! (Had to write that to get it out of my head.)
Henry Moore or less...
There were even spitting rocks.
I guess there were some flowers. I hadn't noticed those...


  1. My cats would have fun with this idea.

  2. I just can't help but be amaze. Those stone arts are really brilliant. Simple yet very intriguing. Cool post!

  3. Very cool Jim. We were doing this 20 years ago in Zoar Valley with very large stones! The design is called "Totems"

  4. My cats would definately go loppy too. Very interesting idea. It adds an additional element of interest to the garden.

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