Succulent frames update

Both the indoor and outdoor succulent frames are doing well. Some of the outdoor succulents didn't make it through the winter, but most did. I may order a few more or pick some up during my nursery visits this spring. The outdoor one is a beast. at five feet wide, it's heavy. Right now, with the rain we had last week, it's wetter than the succulents would like. I've moved it to a place where it'll get less rain, and anfgled it more upright so it waon;t catch asm many raindrops when it does rain. I may even cover it. I need it to dry out - both for hte plants, but also so it's lighter for when I need to attach it to the house.

The indoor succulent frame, seen here in the left, made from a wooden box and some old molding I had around the house is doing well too. They're getting tall though. I don't necessarily want tall. I'm going to start to angle it, as by the end of May, I want to be able to hang it on the outside of the house or a fence by the end of may.

Back in January, Buffalo News garden columnist Sally Cunningham mentioned in her column that I was making a succulent wall hanging – and used a couple photos. I actually had people ask me how it was coming along. If it fails, at least all the world will know. Just hoping she doesn't want to do a follow-up!


  1. nice use of your succulents. some of mine are getting leggy too, where as i would rather them spread wide.

  2. The "Getting leggy" problem is going to get worse and worse. Any suggestions aside from pulling them out from you experienced succulent frame DIYers? Tnx

    1. I haven't gotten to that point yet. I'm not experienced yet! Though I have been told that upkeep is constant and continuous once its established. I'll probably report that as time flies by.


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