What am I going to do with her?

My in-laws are downsizing. This masthead/bow-maiden/figurehead was bequeathed to us in the process. She spent many a year on their balcony overlooking Bristol Harbor on Canandaigua Lake. While I don't have such an august view, I have to find a place for it in my garden this summer. My fences and house walls are all pretty much filled up, but this is a challenge I'm up to.


  1. My vote is mount her on the peak at the front of your house.

  2. I saw one proudly sitting on the front of someone's truck and had no idea how the oil got changed. Just a suggestion...

    1. Nice. Like cow horns in Texas. I'll take this under advisement.

  3. She's wonderful! Can't wait to see where she will reside.

  4. What a lovely piece. She looks as though she belongs on an antique New England whaling ship.
    I just found your blog as I was looking at Google images of Mexican Gardens. Lovely pictures. Mexican culture has so much color and spirit


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