Oprah's Paradise Island Garden

Okay, so we didn't get that close, but you can imagine it's nice - it's on Paradise Island, how good does that sound?

We were "by" last week on a five-day cruise out of Miami. These two houses are Oprah's – on the left is her house, on the right, is her guest house. The locals joke the guest house is for her dogs. They're next to each other on Paradise Island in Nassau, the Bahamas.

Her immediate neighbors include Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. Up the road a piece are Mick Jagger, Nicholas Cage (in Charlie Chaplin's old place) and the Atlantis Hotel.

Not much of a gardening post. But good for name dropping. I do think it would be interesting to see some celebrity gardens/backyards. Sometime in the future I'll post what I saw of the grounds of the Atlantis hotel.


  1. Hey -- it's fun! :-)

    I've got to go check out your "France" category. We went to the Cote d'Azur in May. That was our 3rd trip to France. We usually go to Italy or the UK. I also have links to our last France and Italy blogs at the bottom of my garden blog (if you're interested).


  2. I would love to have a peek inside Oprah's gardens...wouldn't mind taking a spin in that yacht, either. :)

  3. Cameron,
    The categories to the right only go back two months, when I switched blogging softwares.

    I just added to the column on the right a list of other gardens I've posted about in France.

    I did visit some of your photos from your links. We've been to Florence, Rome, Sorrento, Naples, Lake Como, Bellagio, Venice, Milan & Positano. But not yet to Tuscany!

    In France, we've been through the Loire Valley, the Seine, Burgundy, Provence, Champagne and the German border - but never the French Riviera. Now the Villa Ephrussi Gardens are on my wish list.

    Yeah, I don't think Paradise Island has a garden tour. I could be wrong though!

  4. It must be nice to be Oprah. Sometimes I see celebrity gardens showcased on tv. I always enjoy them.

  5. Wow. If Oprah's houses look like that I can only imagine what her gardens look like.


  6. I'm always fascinated by celebrity homes. I didn't know Oprah had a home there - I wonder how many she has altogether?

  7. tina,

    I like to see celebrity gardens too, because I like to see how creative they are - or aren't. I do also like to see gardens commissioned by people with money, knowing that they did not do the work necessarily, but if they have conventional gardens or if they "push the envelope" with landscaping & gardening.

    I'd have loved to seen them up close and personal too.

    I'm guessing she has fewer homes than the McCains, but I could be wrong!

  8. I have really enjoyed your blog, and I agree I would love to see some celebrity gardens too...maybe we bloggers can work on that. I have a blog as well (has a similar bit of travel/garden design theme - but also very different). I would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think. http://studiog.greayer.com

    my best,


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