Jennifer's Umbrella Stand

Jennifer's garden is another popular stop on Garden Walk Buffalo. Her garden is just brimming with great ideas. Everywhere you turn there's another great garden idea for inspiration.

Here, she's taken a plastic planter, fauxed he outside to get a patina of aged bronze and planted her table umbrella and a few annuals into it. It shades a sitting area of two chairs and two end-tables. I don't think she has much time to sit at all, but it's a brilliant little touch, making something ordinary extraordinary.

I will not say she has the most spectacular garden in Buffalo, each garden is unique and special in its way, but I can say that Better Homes and Gardens has shot her front yard, and BH&G's Garden Ideas and Outdoor Living photographed her back yard three weeks later. Both will be published in an upcoming issue sometime in the future. Garden Gate magazine has also photographed it and has used bits and pieces of it in their magazine(s). Cripes, it's even used in the Buffalo Niagara Convention & Visitor's Bureaus' publications and website.


  1. Jennifer's umbrella stand is something that make a garden more beautiful. I like the idea ...

  2. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones, aren't they! (PS— my word verification is "a nest").

  3. Blossom,
    If you walked into her yard, there is som much there, you might not even notice this!

    Ms. Wis,
    And it's the simple that attracts me mostly to great ideas. Her garden is FULL of great ideas, which I'll share over the course of time.

  4. How is that umbrella supported? Unless that container is full of cement, I don't see how it's sturdy enough to provide support for the umbrella. It's very pretty, and I'd love to know how it's supporting that large umbrella.

  5. A very nice composition in the urn. Some people just have a knack.

  6. Catherine,
    I'm sure you have your own creativity shining through your garden. Jennifer just has more creativity jam-packed into an urban lot.

    I've never seen the umbrella move from spot to spot, and if I remember correctly, I believe she said she cut a hole in the bottom of the fiberglass planter. I think the umbrella is firmly planted in teh ground below.

    And Jennifer has the knack. She's like the plant whisperer. When Better Homes & Gardens showed up to photograph her front yard, the scout/stylist/story producer was ecstatic that, fro the first time in twenty years, she didn't have to buy stunt plants (filler plants) to fill in bare spots. There weren't any bare spots.


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