A garden to follow, part 2

The Buffalo News has been following the progress of the garden of Jennifer & Jim Guercio, as they head crashingly toward their deadline of maximum gardenosity, Garden Walk Buffalo. The News' three part series is actually following the work being done to the home they own and rent out. It's just about behind their own home, on a different street. Part one of the series can be found here.

The complete article and a short video can be found here. What's great about this particular "installment" is the instruction Jennifer gives for laying patio bricks in a short video. She demonstrates how to set bricks in place with "gloves, a trowel, a mallet, strong knees, strong back and a Celebrex at night."

The article series, by Buffalo News writer Anne Neville, is great promotion for Garden Walk, but I especially like the informative video. Jennifer makes for a good "teacher" and shows how easy it is to lay a brick patio for almost anyone (if not for the repetitive aspect of the procedure she demonstrates around 1,500 times to finish off her patio project).

There are also some great tips at the end of the article from Jennifer, a few she's shared with me over the years, including using bungee cords to train branches upwards, rather than pruning for redirecting branches upwards and reshaping trees.


  1. I have to tell Mark about the bungee cords as he's always looking for new techniques to train branches. I laid a herringbone patio in our first garden. It was circular which meant Mark had to cut a zillion bricks to fit all the odd spots where they met the circular edge. Looked fab when finished, however.

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  3. jim, wow, buffalo, who knew? our little town is, sadly, no into gardening. there are a few really nice gardens in our small town, but generally you cannot see them from the street. few people have seen my garden! that's why i blog. well, thank you for sharing these interesting posts.


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