Garden Walk Buffalo better than the Philly flower show?


Terry Ettinger (arborist, nursery professional, horticulturist, garden column writer, host of a garden radio show and YNN's garden guy AND greenhouse manager of SU's Department of Environmental and Forest Biology) seems to think so. After a radio interview with me a few weeks back, a listener writes in to Terry's column, in Central New York's Eagle community papers, asking if Garden Walk Buffalo is worth a visit. Terry states, "Worth it? Without hesitation, Garden Walk Buffalo is the best horticulture-related event I've ever attended-including the Philly Flower Show!" High praise from a guy with some serious garden credentials.

Terry and camera man Chris set up in the very small garden and water feature at 533 Auburn Avenue.

Terry was recently in Buffalo to record his Garden Journeys TV spots (Sunday & Wednesday 1:30-2:00 minute bits). They run on YNN Channel 14 in Buffalo, and on all other Time Warner stations thoughout New York State. Here are links to the first three, of four, that will run before Garden Walk.
  • Community Gardens (Serenity Garden & Fargo Estate Neighborhood Garden)
  • Divided Street Gardens (Dorchester Avenue median)
  • Water Features (the Garden Walk garden at 533 Auburn Avenue)
  • Garden Structures will air this Wednesday (the Garden Walk garden at 39 Granger Place).
They air every hour throughout the day on all the Time Warner news outlets across New York (everywhere except Westchester County, New York City, and Long Island) on July 12, 15, 19, and 22.

Setting up the shot around the Dorchester Street median.

He also recorded two others–another at 39 Granger Place on the owner's home-made rainwater reclamation system; and another interviewing the gardener at the Erie Basin Marina University Test Gardens, where plants are tested for seed companies from around the world. Plants found here will not be seen on the market for one-two years, if at all.

But better than the Philly Flower Show? Easy for me to say yes. I've never been to the Philly Flower Show.


  1. Sounds intriguing. Lucky for you east coasters.


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