A good place to put your pot

I've been in this garden plenty of times. It's a Garden Walk garden by Carol & Tom. I always look at this simple pot holder along their fence and keep saying to myself that I have to do that on one of my fences. In the tight urban settings in which we garden, it's often all about the fences–hanging pots on them; training things to crawl up them; hanging art, lights, birdhouses & mirrors; and figuring ways to add height to them for more privacy.

It's a 2x6 with holes cut in them. Even I can do that. May even have time to do it this week before Garden Walk. I know exactly where I'd put it. Our local garden (TV/radio/print) guru was just here filming a segment to promote Garden Walk Buffalo and commented that I seem to take things to the "next step" after seeing the espaliers, potager garden, outdoor rooms, kitchen area, grasslands, Harry Potter Garden, potting bench and checkerboard steppable grasses under the playset. I think I'm attracted to these sorts of projects because it's all about the idea and not as much the plants. My problem is I have the ideas (or steal them) but not the time or money to make them all happen. All in good time I suppose.

I finally took a photo of this so I would remember to make it happen.


  1. Jim - I love this idea too, and hink about adding it everytime I visit their garden!

  2. Very beautiful flowers with an Italian look, you fence must be vary solid and sturdy to hold the weight.

  3. It's lovely. Only problem is, it'll need to be watered each and every day. Could cramp your traveling plans!

  4. Onda,
    That's one of my favorite things about the Walk, stealing ideas!

    I saw how they attached it, it's very sturdy. It has braces underneath it along the entire length.

    I'm out there watering every day anyway–that's not a stretch. And travel? We don't do much in the summer. Summers are too nice in Buffalo to want to leave in the summertime.

  5. Great idea. I was thinking drought resistant plants like sedums/sempervivums. Garden making has many facets, the plants being probably the most important. But all of the creative things we can do...I just never get tired of it.


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