Buffalo gardener quoted in Wall Street Journal on Hellstrips

Great Garden Walk Buffalo gardener Ellie was quoted in the Wall Street Journal last week in an article about hellstrips, the area between road and sidewalk.

Garden Ranter Susan Harris, who's actually been in Ellie's garden, was
shown in her Tacoma Park hellstrip of grasses in the same article.
From the article:
Ellie Dorritie, a retired postal worker in Buffalo, NY, says the full sun exposure in her planting strip allows her to garden with different plants than what she can get away with in her much shadier yard. Her garden scheme? "Cram it in," she says. "I ask, 'Does it bloom? Will it fight for space?' If the answer is yes, it goes in."

To read more about hellstrips/treelawns/boulevards and Ellie, read the article, visit here. The slideshow is here.


  1. Good for Ellie! Her strip was my favorite in Buffalo.

  2. Nothing is better than watching Ellie's strip.


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