The Sound of Music gardens

Part of our trip around Germany recently included a side trip Austria -- in Salzburg. The hotel we stayed at had a TV channel that played non-stop, round-the-clock, uninterrupted showings of the Sound of Music. It was nice the first day. Our 12-year-old daughter couldn't get enough. But by day three, we were ready to make schnitzel of anyone that even hummed a song from the movie.

But we did get to see a few of the gardens from the movie. Which made it all worthwhile. Above are the steps to the rose hill, where the "Do-Re-Me" scenes were filmed (picture the kids jumping up and down on these steps). It's in the Baroque, 1800s, Mirabell Palace Gardens in central Salzburg.
This is the Pegasus fountain the kids circled as they sang "Do-Re-Me."
That's my kid with the pink hair. Yes, pink. Punk pink. She fit right in with the German kids.

You can't look at this pavilion without picturing Liesl & that bad boy Franz, singing  
"I am sixteen going on seventeen..." It's now located at Hellbrun, a palace and park just outside
Salzburg. More on this garden in a future post. It was probably the world's first splash park.


  1. Beautiful architecture in your images. Liked the schnitzel remark about the repeated music. Funny.

  2. Jim - Love following your trip. We did Germany and Salzburg 2 summers ago, so when I looked at the photo of the Sound of Music garden (not having read the post yet) I thought - that's sure familiar! Didn't you love Hellbrun? Kallie thought it was great. Looks like you had a wonderful time - fun to relive it in your posts and great photos.


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