Mexican Homes & Gardens 4 - Walking from one place to another

So far I've shown some of the Mexican homes & gardens we saw in Sayulita, Mexico, a small town about 40 miles north of Puerto Vallarta. But the trips between homes was just as beautiful. We went for a short walk one day through neighborhoods of fantastic homes, a longer hike through the forest & secluded beach another day, and went through town and stopped in the local cemetery to take some pictures. All have their charms. Here's some shots of those trips.

I'd have loved to gotten the chance to see the inside of this casa.
Off in the distance another compound of houses. Great colors.
The only grass we saw all week. Well done.
Great stonework and masonry was not hard to come across.
If this is the public side of someone's wall, can you imagine what the inside of their place looks like?
The hilly terrain leads to architectural challenges that Mexican architects seem to have mastered.
A public path that leads to the beach.
Casas have names, as well as addresses.
I believe this was Casa Rana (frog).

The secluded beach where this is changes all the time.
Sometimes this is tall enough to walk through.
Someone on the beach was practicing their stone stacking.

Heading toward downtown Sayulita.
The main square of Sayulita.
A Traveler's Palm tree. It's trunk grows underground. It's actually not a palm,
but closely related to banana trees. They're native to Madagascar and the fan of leaves
generally follows an east-west direction, serving as a compass for travelers.
No roads lead to this secluded beach.
You can barely make it out in the distance, on the plateau,
but that is the private seaside casa of a former president of Mexico.
And as always, at the end of the day, we still had the driveway to climb to out friends' place.
You can see their heart-shaped rock at the bottom of their driveway.


  1. I have really been enjoying all of your Mexico posts, beautiful!


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