Mexican Homes & Gardens 5 - The casa around the tree

This house, owned by an American couple, is all about the tree. It was obviously here before they were. The tree, and house, is in an arroyo, a dry creek or wash. To respect the tree, the patio living area, the public part of the home, is basically the circumference of the tree. The garden itself is designed to even look like, and follow the path of, the arroyo -- complete with a "river" dry river rock running through it. The tree itself was some sort of fruit tree -- when it's fruiting, the owners said it attracted squirrels, birds & bats. Former-Austin-garden-center-owner-turned-Sayulita-Expat Tom helped in the execution of this garden too. I'll show his garden later in the week -- I think it would be fitting to show his unique garden on Cinco de Mayo!

This was a delicious garden -- luscious is a word that describes this property.
Buildings in Sayulita by law can only have maximum four floors. Here's a view of the garden from above.
It's hard to get the whole thing in. This is just a corner.
You can sort of see the dry river bed rocks designed into the garden at the bottom of this photo.
Since the tree circumference defines the site of the casa,
curves were used throughout to reinforce the thought in all the architecture.
Looking down on the stairwell that leads up.
The front yard.
Here's a better photo of the dry river bed in this tropical shade garden.
More curves.
Their container plantings were quite impressive.
Nearer the entrance to the home, looking up toward the patio living space.

That little hobbit like door in the white wall? It leads to this garden.


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