Mexican Homes & Gardens 6 - Where plastic covered plastic flowers are a good thing

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Beach of the Dead -- sounds like a great zombie movie, but it's really the beach just the other side of the cemetery. And what a cemetery it is! It's the best use of plastic covered flowers I've ever seen. Built on a couple hills, the cemetery road provides the only access to a small family-oriented beach with mostly locals picnicking. Waves were minimal here, so it was a good beach for families with small children.

But what fascinated us was the colorful and architecturally interesting cemetery. Our friends we were visiting in Sayulita said they were here a for the Day of the Dead celebration (November 1 each year), when locals come to honor and remember their departed family & friends. At night the whole cemetery in the woods is lit by thousands of candles and there's great music & food, LOTS of flowers, color, and joyfulness.

From this cemetery plot, you get this view of the Pacific, the beach, and
families enjoying themselves. Not a bad resting spot for eternity.

The Mexicans like color! Me too.
The tribute flowers are generally plastic, so they can last a while.
They're covered in plastic to keep the dust off. The road through
the cemetery is a dirt, and it's dry so much of the year
that it would be a major effort to keep things looking good.
Captivating chaos of color.
You can see why many choose plastic commemorative flowers. Real flowers and plants just bake in the tropical sun.
I wouldn't mind an architecturally interesting headstone.
The book might have to be something by Christopher Moore though...

We enjoyed this cemetery, as much as any cemetery can be enjoyed.
If we get back to Sayulita again we'll be back here to visit.


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