Spring walk-about

The spring potential has finally hit. Above is the wisteria which is just PACKED with blooms already. In another week it'll be maxed out.

The redbuds are redbudding
Tulips are past prime but still adding color.
At the bottom are strawberries. Above them is a knee-high dwarf apple tree espalier
surrounding the raised bed potager vegetable garden.
The bleeding heart has never looked better.
Unfortunately, I think smoking killed my purple smoke tree.
My five-leafed akebia vine is rife with purple popcorn-looking blooms.
The vegetable potager is doing great. The only thing planted so far are lettuces.
It took two days for the arugula to appear!


  1. What delicious variety in your garden. I especially admire the way you've underplanted trees (and I send my sympathy for the smoke tree, if indeed it has died). And that bleeding heart is just fabulous!

  2. Your garden is really coming along this spring, a lot of growth. The weather needs to cooperate more though with a bit more sunshine.

  3. Patricia,
    Thank you for the kind words. IN such a small space, I have no choice but to underplant trees. My issue now is that I'll have to pretty much destroy that whole bed to get the dead tree out!

    Even with the cold rainy weather, the garden seems to be behind, but happy. I need sunshine more than the garden does!


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