Chelsea - Blood cells in the garden

The British Heart Foundation Garden at Chelsea was not among my favorites. Veins, arteries, corpuscles and red blood cells just don't seem ready-made for integrating into a garden plan. At least there as no spurting blood fountain or anything. Kudos to the designers for their restraint, that's the first thing I thought of.

One nice feature of this garden was the inclusion of plants known for their healing properties and especially Salix caprea, a plant that provided clues to the development of aspirin.


  1. That is creative and had no one told me that this was a heart display, I might have been okay with it. :-)

  2. Freda,
    Even NOT related to blood, I think it looks too much like a stage and a cage. I expected go-go boot dancers to come out any minute to entertain.

  3. I quite like the veins and arteries (though would like them better if they were made of wood) - the blood corpuscles seem rather a waste of space though. They might have been fun if they were stepping stones rather than platforms.

  4. Just shows you that not everything at Chelsea is worth the trip! Catching up on lots of great blog entries. Somewhere I saw the one about the FLW laundry posts. Loved them and the whole idea of sponsoring them!

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