A Summer Street beauty

On Garden Walk Buffalo, being the president, I feel as though every garden is special and I can't show favorites. Kinda' like pickin' your favorite kid. But really, this garden is a quiet stalwart among the colorful exuberance of the Summer Street Cottage district. It doesn't get a lot of coverage because there are so many great gardens in such a close proximity. But I can assure you any neighborhood would LOVE to have a home like this in it.

Sitting on a corner lot on Summer & York streets, this sharp-looking cottage is the first one you'll see on this one-way strip of Civil War-era cottages. Friends of ours owned this house in the '90s (hi Rhonda) and the inside is as charming as the outside.

The current owners have done such a great job with such a small place - and look at the plant colors, combinations and shapes. And that doorway above? Perfect choices all around.


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