A colorful city square garden

Another great garden on the KenTon Garden tour here in Buffalo. This one, like many on this tour had great ideas throughout. First, I really liked the layout. The deck was situated smack dab in the middle of the yard, creating an island for dining and hanging out.

What that did is enable the gardeners to create a meandering path with many perspectives around the deck. It divided the garden in to many distinct sections. The typical square city yard suddenly seemed larger and WAY more interesting. And it didn't look like a boring square with planted borders along the edges. 

One thing I might have done was put the deck on a 45-degree angle to provide more interesting-shaped gardens around it, and had more built-in seating. I'd love to see how it's lit at night.

There was enough garden art spread around that it both lead you onward and made you stop to take a closer look.
The path to the garden along the side of the house was filled with pots --
but the greenery at the end of the path was the obvious destination.
Where the concrete ends, the stone and woodchip path begins, going from formal
to casual pretty quickly. Nice rain barrel to the left there.
Herb & lettuce planter.
Looking back the way we came.
Every spare inch was planted about half and half annuals and perennials.
A door to nowhere -- with a wreath no less.
The deck looked different from every side,
depending on the plantings behind it.
Columnar apple trees. I have two of these also. They're great for small yards.
I'm not fond of plastic garden furniture, but they're an evil necessity
because they're cheap and require little care. Don't get me wrong,
I have plenty. Just never been a big fan. When I win the lottery,
there will be no plastic in my backyard.
Great potting bench.
How to have a colorful garden.
Looking back from where we came.
Front yard path.
Great plant selection in the front yard, mix of color, height, texture and size.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I don't remember seeing this one. You'll have to share the address.

  2. This garden was absolutely beautiful this year! I saw it on the Saturday Night Lights- Ken-Ton Garden Tour. I loved what the homeowner did with the front yard! Did anyone see the candle holders made out of ice? The lighting was very interesting and well placed. A perfect place for an evening garden party.

    1. I was there this past Saturday night for the Night Lights part of their tour too. It is one of my favorite gardens on the KenTon Garden tour. The owner used to live on Bird Ave and used to be on Garden Walk Buffalo. I have photos of the candles in ice. Their garden was what I was looking for in a night tour - clever lighting ideas - not just twinkling fairy lights placed around and about.

  3. I would love to have seen it at night......can anyone post the pictures of the ice lights?


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