Amaryllis in a box

This all-in-one amaryllis-in-a-box was a Christmas gift from my niece Kristy. I've never grown an amaryllis before, so I look forward to seeing what happens. Everything came in this goth-looking black-flocked box, including a compressed soil block that expands to fill up the box. And it's a generic amaryllis -- no name, or color, or type was given. So it'll be a true surprise to see what it looks like, if I don't kill it first.

I didn't get any of the items from my garden gift list. Probably didn't help to post it two days before Christmas. Did get this cool trivet. The base looks like an eight-point corkscrew ninja star. You supply your own corks. I requested this because I don't like the metal & ceramic trivets we have now. Stuff just slides all over them. My in-laws gave it to me, along with a rechargeable wine bottle cork remover and a bottle of wine. Though, they unknowingly gave me a bottle of wine with a twist-off cap. The best laid plans...


  1. Thanks Jim for leaving your link on my site. You had gotten some beautiful images.

    It really was not that bad walking down in winter, but where I stopped was about as far as I was willing to go. I have hiked only in the US, but other places I have been take second place to these trails. And there are so many to be found. I guess you were on quite a few. Not all of them are stone paths. Thanks again. Did you see Whirlpool in winter the post before? Donna

  2. I have enjoyed Amaryllis for several years now. My current one is only now beginning to send up a stalk. It was a little slow in getting started. Your trivets are really cool...very clever, and great way to recycle those old corks.

  3. amarylis kit looks wonderful - if you like it or not, I think it's a great gift-kit :)

  4. Aha, I've been looking for some reuse ideas for those hundred or so corks that I've collected. That's a great one - thanks, Jim!

  5. Donna,
    I did see your Whirlpool post - and I've never seen the actual in winter either! have you ever hiked the gorge trails on the Canadian side?

    I didn't have enough corks, so I got them off a friend. I was too impatient to drink the required 16 bottles of wine it would take to make two of them.

    I do like it. Can't wait for something to happen.

    here's a link to where they wer gotten from:

    Had to get the corks from Greg, we don't save 'em.

  6. Dear,
    I've added your blog site into my blogroll & I hope you will add my site too.



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