I can never get enough of this garden...

This is the garden of Joe & Scott (Joe's the gardener). It's one of the most voluptuous on Garden Walk Buffalo. Can a garden be voluptuous? And if it can, do you think this one is?

It's on Sixteenth Street, just across the street from my first house, where my wife & I lived for ten years, though we didn't know Joe & Scott well back then. Joe is on the Garden Walk Buffalo committee. He, with the help & support of the the block club (and most likely Scott's help too), takes on one new front yard garden for a neighbor each year. Usually it's a neighbor that either cannot afford, or is not physically able, to do the work a new front yard garden requires. Working with plant material mostly from his yard and others, the block gets one new garden a year. And that new garden is added to the Garden Walk.

When I lived on the street, there were two gardens on Garden Walk. Now there are 18. The block has changed in so many ways, it doesn't seem like the same street at all. And the home values? I should have stayed a bit longer!

When we had the 70 garden bloggers from 23 states and Canada for a visit this summer, we brought them to this garden. They have plenty of photos of it too, many can be found at this link, under the heading of "Cottage District Gardens." When they visited, it was under a "soft" rain and it photographed beautifully.

Oh, and did I mention? Joe is color blind.

Yeah, that's right. The working gate is planted.
I've always claimed this garden to be the bees favorite.
They're so busy they ignore all the traffic this garden gets for Garden Walk
Voluptuous, right?

He planted the damn table!
I think this narrow bit of garden between garage and fence wins for best use of a mirror in a garden.

Can you imagine having drinks out here every night of the summer?


  1. yep voluptuous is a word and I am speechless...the gate and table certainly are amazing ideas...did I say WOW!! and the pics you took are amazing in the way they capture that wow!

  2. OMGosh! That defines voluptuous garden. Beautiful. Lush. Inviting.
    How wonderful that the whole neighborhood is getting his talent.

  3. Yes, I can imagine having drinks out here every night of the summer.
    Very nice!

  4. Donna, I was going to g with voluptuous, or yummy. Couldn't decide. There's lots of great ideas in this garden. It may end up in a national magazine next year. Keep your fingers crossed for the gardener that it ends up not being cut.

    Gardener On Sherlock,
    Yeah, too bad we wasn't planting neighbors gardens when I lived on the street!

    I can't imagine they sit out there for too long without finding something to do -- but it's worth trying.

  5. Oh, I LOVED that garden! It was/is indeed voluptuous. So nice that he helps others to garden.

  6. This is a great garden, no spot left unadorned.

  7. You're totally right.
    The garden is so voluptuous, colorful plants,awesome design.
    A good spot for relaxing.

  8. Love this garden! Yes, voluptuous is a fitting word for it. Serious garden envy for this one.

  9. I love Joe and Scott's garden - it's so full of spirit and personality! And Joe and Scott are such wonderful, generous people who pour their hearts and souls into the garden, not just for themselves but for everyone else.

    These photos are so refreshing on a day like today!

  10. I love the sitting area surrounded by the voluptuousness! Beautiful composition. It never gets boring! I wonder how long it took this gardener to achieve this full garden?

  11. Leith,
    This garden's been a work in progress for more than 20 years. They never rest, the ideas keep coming.

  12. I just saw this on Pinterest. love that bistro sitting area BUT I especially love the bench turned into a flower bed because I have one I am trying to create so would be interested in the details. otherwise. gorgeous!! all of it. thank you!!

    Angela from NJ


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