Spring has technically sprung. It's been a long winter – we got proof of it today when our balanced-billing heating fuel bill went up $50 a month.

The hellstrip with its scurvy grass -
more clover and other weeds than actual grass.
But it was in the low 70s today and beautifully sunny. After work I was able to get out and chop down some of those dried hay-like clumps of spent grasses I left out for "winter interest." I did a little neatening up of the front yard, enjoying the bed of tulips and spring whatnot. Cleaned up the hellstrip a bit - hoping to take more of that scurvy grass out in this area this year.

I was able to also able to spread a good heaping of composted leaves on top of everything. I had a large garbage can full from the leaves I chopped up  with my mower in the driveway last fall. They got chopped up pretty small and were perfect for dressing the garden now.

Heard the sound of mowers in the neighborhood. Even though I don't have to mow now that I have a grassless yard, I like the sound of them – off in the distance. Sounds like spring.

The grape hyacinth are looking wimpier every year. Maybe in another week they'll be stunning
just like I envision them in my head.


  1. Lovely pictures. The rows of blooms along the sidewalk looks tremendous, well done.

  2. You did a great job on the front - everything looks great. We usually don't see many overall photos on garden blogs (including mine.) Kudos to you to allowing us to see the big picture.

  3. The row along the driveway was done about ten years ago. Inspired by a trip to Holland"s Keukenhof tulip park.

  4. Swimray -that's a beef I have with some garden photos. Garden design interests me not close-up photos of plants.


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