The Coral Bells are ringing

My coral bells (heuchera) are looking great. They're really the first color in the garden each year, even before the snowdrops and daffodils. I planted this bed two years ago to feature the handmade copper coral bell fountain I made. A couple plants burned up last summer, and a couple didn't make it through the winter (the seem to heave out of the ground a bit) but the ones that survived are happy, as you can see in these photos taken yesterday.

I maintain  the the heuchera are a better choice for your garden than most perennials and even annuals. They come in so many colors (reds, golds, yellows, chartreuse, green, purple – dappled, veined, variegated), textures (smooth, fuzzy, shiny) and sizes – and keep their color throughout the year – even under the snow. Rather than spending beaucoup bucks on seasonal coleus for color, heuchera are a much better value.

The copper fountain still works! I have to bring it in each year - it's not sturdy enough to handle the snow.
The green in the lower portion of the photo is a channel of violets which looked spectacular about two weeks ago.

I've been trying to ditch those cheap plastic Adirondack chairs, but I've not found an alternate I like yet.
Maybe this will be the year.


  1. Those look beautiful, mine are just green. I really like your copper fountain too! Where did you get it?

    1. I made the fountain a couple years ago. Thanks!

  2. Very nice look! I agree coral bells are better value and are great plants for all the reasons you mentioned. I have also experienced "heaving" with some, not sure why??? Like the fountain but love the Japanese Maple mixed into that bed, Great look.
    Regards, Rich Groblewski - Lanc. Garden Walk

  3. You really have a kaleidoscope of color. I have difficulty growing them in my soil, but have client gardens where the coral bells flourish.


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