Such selective successive succint succulent and sedum successes

The succulents have filled in nicely throughout the summer. I suspect, if they survive the winter well enough, that you won't be able to see any of the sphagnum moss/chicken wire next year. Some stuff'll have to be cut back a bit – just the sedums. They get gangly.

The spiders seem to like the thing. Every day the same web is remade in the same place. And that top part of the frame is sagging more now than it did when it was hung. Not quite sure how to remedy that. The thing weighs a ton. Okay, maybe not a ton exactly, but it weights a lot.

I'll leave it in place for the winter, covering it up with a shrub coat fabric and taking it off on decent days when I think about it. They are used to snow cover, so light won't be too much of an issue. If anything, I'm told that the drying winds may be more detrimental.

I was told that these succulents and sedums actually like the moisture level similar to that of a really well-ring-out sponge. That's not been a problem all summer. I've only had to water it a few times by spraying it with the hose. Rain seems to keep 'em happy for the most part.

And now the hens & chicks are starting to turn more colors. They all started out in purples, chartreuses, lime greens, forest greens, blue greens, browns and reds (that's why I bought some of them!). Over the summer they all turned basically the same color of green, which you see in the photos here. But now I can see they're getting the blush of their original colors back. That'll make it much nicer, in my opinion. Can't wait to see it in another month or more.

The non-hardy, smaller frame of gravity-defying succulents is going great guns too (above, right). I'll trim 'em back a bit and start thinking abut how to care for them one I bring them in the house. Its frame is NOT water tight, so I may have to configure something, or hang it and only water with the spray from a water bottle.
The blush of color is coming back to them after having all turned green over the summer.
Yeah. That ice plant's gonna' need a major haircut.


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    1. My only suggestion is to just go for it! I spent a lot of time online (googling and pinteresting) for ideas and logistics in construction.

  2. Wow is this vertical gardening..?? awesome..


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