Weekend Work Four: It's the Little Things

Another minor project (below) was scraping off some of the moss growing under the playset and adding it to some of the hypertufa planters I made.

More so a purchase, as opposed to a project, my wife bought these great purple asters (below) for our fall porch color. I might have to put a couple of these in the cones by the front door. They'd look like big purple ice cream cones.
And I just added the photo below 'cause it looked nice. I love me some Persian Shield.


  1. Holy smokes you've been really busy and it really has paid off - looking really good. Enkianthus is a great shrub. Mine have a tendency to grow in a direction of their choice rather than what I want, but enjoy them all the same. Am visiting a client who wants a moss wall. We're doing the blender thing with moss and buttermilk and some rocks (no blender for them) today to see if the area will work (also adding more directly to the rocks). Also hope to do a roof-top garden - waiting for the engineers to give us the ok. Will make a great show if it all comes together. B.

    1. A moss wall! I've been trying to come up with some way to incorporate more moss into my garden. Maybe with the potting shed I'm thinking up. And you're working on a rooftop garden? And you call me busy? Can't wait to hear more about your projects.


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