A little nudity in the flowers

A couple weeks ago we went to visit Hamburg, Germany. I posted about the Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg miniature museum here. These little scenarios were scattered around the room (after room) of miniature cities, towns and countrysides.

The couple making out in the field of sunflowers can only bring a smile to a knowing face.

You had to be really looking for some of these. I wasn't looking for, or had expected to find, much nudity in a model train exhibition, but I'm not opposed to it.

Can you imagine "planting" each of these sunflowers?! I don't have the patience for this type of work. Though I can appreciate the work that went into it, by some lonely German guy with nothing much else to do for days on end.

Below is some non-gardening related nakedness, for your pleasure.

The pornography studio could only be seen when the room's lights went down and the buildings lit up for night time. And you had be standing in just the right place.

The murder scene provided a little mayhem. I think the scuba suits are over"kill" for this little stream.

The best use of nudity is always skinny dipping. This may be the only place where you can find anatomically-correct miniature people no bigger than a matchstick.


  1. Can you imagine the outcry if that was on display here in the U.S.? I don't know why people get so flustered about sex and nudity here.

  2. Very Silly! Check out the annual naked garden day website! http://www.wngd.org/

  3. Phillip,
    I don't get the whole sex/nudity conundrum either. We supposedly have the most advanced culture in the civilized world. But we're also among the most prudish.

    I've seen that website before. Isn't there a national nude gardening day or something that they promote? Nude gardening is not for me. Or my neighbors.

  4. Fun. There's a photographer, Lauri Nix, who does little twisted tableaux featuring mayhem like you've shown here. As for the itty bitty nudists, they look like they do here in San Diego at Black's Beach when you're standing 400 feet on the cliff above them.


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