Eight Paths Garden

No. This isn't a Chelsea garden. This is a Buffalo garden. And one you can see for the next few Thursdays for the National Garden Festival's Open Gardens as well as on Garden Walk Buffalo.

It's a beauty of a garden - Asian, urban - and quite unexpected in its neighborhood. The unassuming front yard and home do not give up anything to this much loved and well-tended space.


  1. Well designed and maintanined.

  2. Quite dramatic! Interesting use of red. Love the benches by the water feature.

  3. greggo,
    The gardener was out working while we were there. It is a labor of love for him. And this garden is only a few years old!

    I hadn't really noticed the red till I saw you comment. It is nicely dispersed throughout the garden, and with a very limited color palette, it stands out very well.

  4. Lovely. I especially like the koi pond.


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