Thailand in England

I would not have wanted to be a vendor anywhere near this exhibit because it was hard to look elsewhere. It stood in stark contrast to the green displays surrounding it.

I don't know what the criteria is for displaying at Chelsea, but this exhibit had no live flowers. Each item seen is covered with flowers hand-crafted from petals & leaves -- more than one hundred thousand -- which used used more than two million flowers to make.

The display featured recognizable buildings and monuments (recognizable if you're from Thailand). It also has sections representing different regions of the country.

It was like nothing else at the Flower Show. The intricacy of the designs sucked you in. The colors were cartoon fantastic and spicy. But I was left with feeling as though I just saw a New Years Day Rose Parade float up close and didn't come away with any new ideas to steal.

It was more like a piece of impressive Taiwanese handcrafted folk art. Not something I would have expected to have seen at a garden show.

This display, by Nong Nooch Botanical Gardens, Pattaya Thailand, took home a gold medal for the second year running for the Botanical Garden.


  1. Cut flowers and flower arrangement are common at garden shows. Well, at least there are always entries at the garden club I belong to. This is like flower arranging on steroids! Very impressive! I imagine it would have to be a larger-than-life flower arrangement to be at Chelsea.


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