Things you'll be missing if you don't go on Open Gardens today and tomorrow

The National Garden Festival's Open Gardens is again today and tomorrow. If you don't make it to any of the 60-some gardens open,  from Lewiston to Eden, here's some of what you'll be missing.



  1. Mike Shadrack's garden is open? I must look into this one. Ooh...I was never there.

  2. GWGT,
    Mike & Kathy's garden is open today from 10-5:30, and tomorrow (Friday) from 10-5:30 as well. It's a long distance for you -- and I would imagine you're still hung over from your one-year blogaversary party!

  3. Jim, I went and I enjoyed...immensely.

  4. Wow! Such an amazingly beautiful garden.

    Lisa from Beginner Free Guitar Lessons


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