Garden Walk Buffalo helps fill hotels to maximum

With 50,000 expected to tour our gardens this weekend, and 24% coming from outside of Erie and Niagara Counties, that means there will be around 12,000 people coming from out of town. It's safe to assume the vast majority will be staying with family & friends. Even if we assume three-quarters of them will be with family and friends, that still leaves around 3,000 people looking for hotel rooms.

Holy crud.


  1. May then they reopen the Statler.

    Seriously though, way to boost our local economy - those people have to eat, buy gas, and of course shop for post cards.

  2. I won't hold my breath waiting for the Statler rooms to open, but we could use some! Many people coming in for the Walk have to stay out by the airport or in the other suburbs!

  3. We stayed out on Transit and our hotel was sold out.

  4. Apple,
    Do you have any sense that it was because of Garden Walk? Just curious. It was good to see you and your sister, if ever so brief!

  5. I didn't think most of the people were there for Garden Walk but we didn't really talk to any of the other guests. There were several families with younger kids. We were the only ones looking over the map at breakfast. Several cars in the lot from Ontario and PA which might have been there for GW.

    We stayed at the Super8 - huge mistake but we spent the money we saved vs. a better hotel on plants. :-)


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