It all began in a garden...

The Ken-Ton Garden Tour is a nice garden tour filled with many garden gems. Much like any garden tour, not all gardens are stunners, but many gardens have bits and pieces of great creativity. It's hard to compare gardens on tours because they're all so uniquely designed. This funky garden had many great ideas hidden throughout, including a giraffe in a hat.


  1. What a delight to open up and see such a colorful and fun garden on this drizzly cold day in WNY! thanks!

  2. I love the garden designs. But I don't think it is applicable in tropical areas where rain is constant and typhoons are common. These designs and concepts are very good during summer.

  3. Well, of course a giraffe in a garden is in need of a hat. Love that orange. Hot, hot, hot!

    Oh, and congratulations on your fourth blogiversary.

  4. Love the quote on the garage! And congrats on the blogiversary.


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