Garden Walk Buffalo in New York Times

The New York Times publishes a list of great home & garden tours that will take place over the summer each spring. Last year, as good as the list was -- they hadn't listed Garden Walk Buffalo.

That's not the end of the world, we still get 60,000+ visitors and get plenty of publicity. But I found it hard to believe that a garden writer would sit down to list garden tours throughout the country and miss the largest one in the U.S., covered in national gardening magazines -- and in their own state!

This year Garden Walk Buffalo is on the list - in the "North of New York City" portion of the list. We'll take what we can get.

You can visit the New York Times list here. It's a good list. Make sure you visit the slide show. The above Buffalo garden is on the list of great homes and gardens. Photo is by Don Zinteck, of Photographics 2. This is one of the more popular gardens on our tour. It's a tour de force!


  1. The amazing thing is that Garden Walk is free!

    1. Garden Walk founder Marvin Lunenfeld wanted it kept free and we've done that for 19 years now. We can thank our corporate sponsors and donors for that! Free is good!


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