The lush doorways of Sayulita Mexico

Spent last week in Sayulita, Mexico, about an hour north of Puerto Vallarta on Mexico's Pacific coast. This was our third trip there to visit friends that have built a home on the step hills just blocks from the town's center (last few photos).

Didn't get garden tours this year -- the start of the dry season. But what they think of as dry, we still think of as lush, being April in Buffalo where we're excited just to see a little green poking up from the ground.

The doorways of some of the homes are more lushly planted than some of our gardens. These show how welcoming Mexican homes can be.

Sometimes it's the open doors that look the best...
Every Mexican town needs a German beer garden!
Our friend's living room with their newly-found wall art. It's a large painting of gringo retirees "Los Pensionados" on the beach you can put your head through to have a photo taken. They picked it up for $18!
Here is their palapa on the third floor. Drinks at sunset here every day.
Their pool. Lord I miss this pool. Happy hour started here every day.
I do not miss walking up the driveway. It's steeper than
any allowed in the States, including in San Francisco.
And poster is hanging in their guest bath!


  1. You need to adopt me and pass me off as your daughter. You look old enough...

    1. It's been said that if I were anything to you, it would be your ex-husband.

  2. Oh I love it all. The colours and the way the buildings, even the driveway and curbs, the pebbled footpath etc just blend in perfectly with the plants. And the pool ... sigh

  3. What an amazing place especially the pool. Those doorways are fun too but who knew that you can go anywhere and find a beer garden.

  4. Beautiful entries. They know how to welcome there.


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