Huffington Post has a garden section

Has anyone seen this yet? It's pretty hidden within Huffington Post. you really have to go looking for it to find it. It seems as though Huffington post is in the process of merging their content with the content of AOL owned "magazine-style" websites.

If you go to Huffington Post's Home Page, click on "All Sections" in the menu bar, then click on "Home." Then, under the menu bar, there will be a list of feature sections - "Gardening" is about halfway down the list. Or, just visit here.

Some of the articles are pretty pablum–Which Supermodel Has a Green Thumb?, How FLOTUS is Getting Ready for Spring, The 10 Biggest Garden Mistakes (spoiler alert: #2 is Accidentally pulling up flowers instead of weeds), 8 Backyard Ideas to Delight Your Dog, 10 Adorable Little Garden Gnomes, Arrange Spring Flowers Like a Pro, and more. I think you get the picture. There are a few that are worth a view.

There's also the "Featured Blog Posts" which are essays by authors, columnists, educators, freelance writers, researchers, and of course bloggers. These are on a greater variety of topics that don't include supermodels, dogs, or gnomes.

If you're a garden obsessed voracious reader of all things garden, it's good to have on your radar. Especially if you need to know what delights a flower-arranging supermodel's dog in a garden.


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