Spring's a buddin'!

Spring's a buddin'! Finally. I did a walk about with the camera in hand yesterday throughout my entire spread (about 30x120 feet).

Never been a big fan of daffodils. These are a matrimonial obligation.
Early small tulips are in. Larger tulips look like they'll burst later this coming week.
Color's starting to come through. At least it's green!

Not quite the large drifts, or rivers, of grape hyacinths I envisioned after coming back from
a tour of Keukenhoff outside Amsterdam, but they do get a bit more dense every year.

Black cane bamboo is getting blacker each year.
All my home-made hypertufa pots I made last year survived outside for the winter -- including all the plants in them!
The pear tree espalier is coming in nicely, though the two trees closest to the front are not leafing as quickly.
They'll catch up. LOTS of blooms this year.


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