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Okay, if you're dedicated, please try to follow. It's the fifteenth. And I'm not here.

Now, it's Saturday, April 11, when I AM here. I sit and look out my window at the daffodils which WILL be in bloom on the fifteenth (today), but then (now), I'll be in Washington, D.C. seeing the last of the cherry blossoms, which were in full bloom last week (which is now for me).

These photos are of the two blooms I do have now, which, will be dead by the time you see them here. An in-house bloom and an out-house bloom, so to speak.

The top photo is the hibiscus, currently (now and last week) a houseplant. I've found that if you haven't watered your hibiscus in too long, the blossoms fall off almost the same time they bloom.

The bottom photo is miniature iris I don't remember planting, and I don't remember ever having seen before. It is right by my front steps though, so I can admire it every time I leave or enter the house. Even though it's dead now.


  1. Well hopefully something will be alive and blooming when you return! I love those iris, they are such a great color of bluish purple.

  2. Oooh, your Iris is beautiful. Mine haven't bloomed yet. :-(

  3. Such a beautiful shade of blue.

  4. I often photograph blooms for Bloom Day a couple of days in advance. Can't be sure of a photo opp on The Day. Frustrating at this time of year, when a couple days can mean the difference between nothing and something.

  5. That is sad. Hold on spring is on the way.

  6. Catherine,
    That's the great thing about spring. One plant blooms, disappears an the next appears until there's too many to keep track of!

    You're a better man than I. I didn't follow it.

    My REAL iris have a ways to go. These miniature ones are early spring bloomers.

    One of my favorite colors–PMS 2736!

    You cheat too? I don't feel so bad. I do endeavor to shoot on the day when I can. Though I'm sure I could substitute a shot from last year and no one would know the difference.

    I'm holding...


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