Big Miniature Garden

This is the largest little garden found in Germany's Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg, a model railroad exhibit that covers multiple rooms on multiple floors in the warehouse district of Hamburg.

Gardeners, putting in a little time, on this tiny maze garden tableau.

I don't know if this is a replica of an existing garden, but the design and detail are such that it easily could be. My last post about this exhibition, with shots of the little individual gardens can be found here.

The formal gardens include boxwood mazes and parterre gardens populated with people, no bigger than a fingernail. The little gardeners are clipping hedges, carting wheelbarrows, raking, hoeing and mowing. You know, doing a little gardening work. Garden visitors are walking, picnicking and jogging. There's even a little tiny film crew shooting something.

This gardener, on the road to visit the garden seen above, is obviously having some car troubles. It's not hard to guess that the model railroad builders are men, huh?

If you ever get to Hamburg, it's worth a visit. We just read in our newspaper last week that this miniature railroad exhibit, started by twin brothers, is on its way to becoming Germany's most-visited tourist site.


  1. That's quite a detailed exhibit. It's probably one of those things that you can stare at for hours and still not notice all the tiny details.


  2. I'm sorry we didn't get to see that while we lived in Holland .. it can be overwhelming with how many fascinating things there are to see and do .. the concept is an eye popper for sure though !

  3. What an amazing feat. A visitor could probably spend days there just wandering from room to room taking it all in. Fun.

  4. It's amazing to see the detail they put into it. I can see why it's so popular.

  5. Cameron,
    You could spend days there and not see everything.

    When you get back then! It is pretty impressive. They're now working on a full working miniature airport.

    Room to room and floor to floor. The Alps take up a full two stories.

    We had the concierge at the hotel call over to see how long the line was. He suggested to do that, and buy tickets from him, as opposed to waiting in line, which could take a while. And this was on a Wednesday afternoon in February!

  6. How cool, I would love to see that up close.

  7. Hmm. You've been there! Me too.

    BTW, That city, Knuffingen and all the contents(including Castle Löwenstein and the maze garden) are all fantasy world.

    Actually, we can read that on the Travel Guide and the web site:


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