Oh what a difference two weeks makes

Hyacinths are hoppin', bulbs are bloomin'.

Two weeks ago:

One week ago:


I'm anxious to get out there and plant the vegetable potager (below), but we could still have a frost (came close last night). I've cleaned up the beds and mixed in this year's compost. The rose standard appears to have survived the winter fine. I was nervous about it. One miniature boxwood, toward the front in the photo, looks like it may not make it.

The espaliered apple trees, which are to be trained along the green wire to create a "fence" around the raised bed are rabbit-chewed. I'm now hoping for some new lead branches to grow in strong while the rabbit(s) have plenty of other good things to eat.


  1. That's a quick transformation! Your blooms look great.

  2. Get out! Seriously that was just in two weeks time? Amazing!

  3. What a transformation! Incredible!

  4. Nice job matching the garbage/recycling bin to the grape hyacinths! (Sorry, couldn't help myself ...)

  5. Zach,danger,flowgirl,
    Yup just two weeks (plus a day or so!). But there was some cheating, of course:

    1). I did get in there to clean up the beds.

    2). I did lay down a layer of dark compost, which makes for greater contrast between earth & plant in photos.

    3). The last shot was taken early in the morning (when colors photograph their saturated best)

    4). We went straight from cold & frosts to cool, rainy nights and warm (even hot) days.

    Knew I shoulda' moved that! I do like to be color-coordinated.

  6. It looks absolutely charming - what a great time of year. I'm still leaf-wrestling, but weather and back willing, my beds should be ready for their close-ups very soon too.

  7. I definitely need a river of muscari. That looks just beautiful. As for the espalier, I would suggest Neem oil for current problems with aphids as it is safe and effective. Dormant oil with a lime/sulfur component should be routine (sorry) but has to be done before the plant leafs out in the spring. The growths look like cankers and they are never good. This is a beautiful espalier and it might be worth it to have an expert in fruit tree culture come to take a look. I have to wrap the base of my fruit trees to keep the mice from girdling them in the winter. I learned the hard way.

  8. Love your hardscape. It frames your plantings very nicely. Amazing how quickly those bulbs popped up and bloomed. Fingers crossed for no more frosts.

  9. How great that you captured the changes in the garden. Things really do seem to sprout overnight at this time of year.
    I have a question, though. How do Hyacinths hop?

  10. Icing on the cake! What a gorgeous spring display.

    PS We're heading to Paris on Monday and will probably go to Giverny on Wednesday.

  11. Barbarapc,
    back-willing. That's another garden consideration this time of year!

    You're not the first to mention neem oil. That's what I'll be searching for this weekend. Cankers? Now I'm depressed.

    I don't think we'll get more frosts, but I've yet to put away my winter coats. I'm a glass-half-empty kinda guy.

    Mr. McGregor's Daughter,
    If you get down on the ground, very late at night, during a full moon, you can see them hopping around changing positions in the night. They are completely rearranged in the morning. Unless your hyacinths are the non-hopping kind.

    Ayez un grand temps à Paris. Mangez trop et buvez trop. Vous aimerez Giverny - pour prendre beaucoup de photographies. Ne manquerez-vous pas votre jardin tandis que vous êtes parti ?

  12. love it! i love the transformation, the chopping at the bit feeling as you literally see it grow moment by moment! the sport of gardening, simply the best...

  13. b&g girl,
    Gardening as sport. I hadn't thought of it that way. It may be the only sport I'm into.

  14. Oh, wow! Garden magic!


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