Chelsea New Wild Garden

This garden, designed by Nigel Dunnett & The Landscape Agency was a garden studio made from a re-purposed shipping container with a planted roof. It incorporates "habitat walls" of dry-stacked stone walls intended for insects to find a happy home. The garden is the first full-sized rain garden built at Chelsea.

I'm not about to move my studio into a shipping container in my backyard, but it looks cool, though it might be nice to have a studio that opens up directly into the garden.

My favorite feature is obviously the dry-stacked stone walls. I thought they were created as works of art using found objects, but to know that their purpose is to help shelter bugs & bees made it even better for me. This is not an option for folks with kids that play in a yard/garden, but anything that can be done in an urban setting to encourage the natural habitat of bugs, bees & birds and other pollinators is cool in my book. We've done so much to drive them out (expanses of grass!). And that it looks like art? Way cooler.

Love the look of the walls with bug condos.

Succulents were a nice touch.
This is what the crowds looked like around each display. Some were six or seven people deep.


  1. One of these days I hoep to get to the Chelsea Flower show. I like the look of the dry-stacked stone.

  2. Che;sea's sorta' like Mecca, every serious gardener should get there once before they die.


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