Kickoff Party for the National Garden Festival - 2011

Stop by for the kickoff party for the National Garden Festival. Last year around 200 came by to learn more about the Festival -- from Open Gardens on Thursdays and Fridays; AAA garden-themed bus tours on Fridays; the Front Yard Garden Contest on Newman Place in South Buffalo; the workshops, speakers and other events; and the 15 great garden tours during the five weeks of the Festival.

We're expecting many of the Open Garden participants to attend, the residents & landscapers from the Newman Place contest, and many of the gardeners from all the garden tours -- nearly 900 gardens to see this summer!

Kerry Ann Mendez, author of two books on perennials,  will be speaking before the party -- complete with a Botanical Gardens walk-through with Sally Cunningham (a Garden Rant hero). How can you say no to that?

Well, if you do say no to that, please at least come to the party!

To order tickets, visit here.


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