Columbine Combinations at Chelsea

This gathering of Columbine blooms looked more like a subject for an impressionist painting than a flower display. It was stunning. I've got a few volunteer purple columbine that come up faithfully each year. They're not flowers I'd spend much time or effort with, since they're early bloomers and don't last long and you're left with tall, sad-looking stark stalks. But if I knew I could have displays like this in my own garden, I'd change my mind about Columbine.


  1. Delphine,
    I actually had to look that word up. It's not one I remember from high school French class! I thought it was French for something along the lines of "Freeky" turns out it's "Fairy-like." I'll take either.

  2. I only have two columbines, neither in the border, but I do think they are lovely.

  3. Those are beautiful. I need to add some to my garden. I'm a brand new gardener...I have no idea what I'm doing. Since I found your blog I decided I need to do a garden walk in Buffalo to learn some things and get some ideas. I will be at the garden art sale next Sat. and I was hoping to do a garden walk afterwards, but it looks like the Parkside Walk is on Sunday :( Are there any other gardens you can suggest we visit on Saturday? Maybe a good botanical garden or something? Any help would be great. We have never been to Buffalo, but I am very looking forward to it!

  4. dandelion picker,
    The Garden Art Sale is on Sunday, June 30, not a Saturday!


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