A Poet's Garden at Chelsea

One of the more elegant gardens we saw was designed by Kazuyuki Ishihara. It's titled A Beautiful Paradise (Making memories with a green poem). It was one of the most understated, yet exquisite gardens on display. And it was one that didn't have crowds around it as deep as the others. Around it were displays with towers, water wheels and a crane giving rides, so it slipped by many because it had no moving parts. It was layered with open plants -- many acer/maples -- nothing tight or dense. You could see through every plan to the next, giving a layered look that was very natural. Streams and waterfalls, with out the crowds, would have have provided spills, drips & drips to listen to.

And the pavilion? It looks like it came from a dream, I'm sure it was made of clouds, mist and marshmallow fluff.


  1. I am so addicted to Acers and this is a feast de resistance! Thank you


  2. This looks like one of those wonderful gardens that sticks in your mind, and inspires when you go back to your own garden.

    They are a real step above the glitz and glamour that fades with time.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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