Shag carpeting a new trend in the garden?

Looking more like an early '70s rec room, this garden from Chelsea seemed less of a potential trend and more of the "Shock Jock" version of gardening. It seemed intended to just get tongues wagging than to be a practical design decision for other gardeners to look to for inspiration. The unnatural blue, the hanging plastic chair. Definitely retro-cool. Definitely impractical. But it's a show garden after all. Set up for the course of a week, with no rules or criteria, just the whims of the designer.

The plantings were mostly of a "frosted" look (like the suburban hair in the early '70s). Repeated circular shapes came in the form of white globes, purple globe alium and the hanging chair (made of the same material as Wonder Woman's plane, no doubt). All it needed was a few beer-can tab chain walls and an eight-track tape player playing some 5th Dimension, Dusty Springfield and Zager & Evans (they sang In the year 2525 -- had to look that one up). 


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