Come see my Garden Tourism Talk on Monday...

I've been asked to give a talk on garden tourism by the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library (the downtown main branch) this coming Monday, June 27 from 12 noon-1 p.m. (It's free!).

I'll do what I can to speak about the "growing" importance of garden tourism as an opportunity to draw new visitors and improve Buffalo's image. 

I'll also show some travel photos of gardens destinations around the world I've visited -- the Chelsea Flower Show, Stourhead (the inspiration for Olmsted's Delaware Park), Villandry (the most beautiful vegetable garden in the world), Longwood Gardens, Giverny, Keukenhof, Alhambra, Chicago's Lurie Garden, Holland's Aalsmeer Flower Market, NYC's Highline, the Loire Valley's International Garden Festival, Isreal's Baha'i Temple Gardens, and Austria's the "Sound of Music" garden - Mirabell Park. 

If there's time, I'll quickly go through some smaller, though significant gardens -- like those of Da Vinci, Reubens, Shakespeare, George Washington, Frank Lloyd Wright, chef Rick Bayless and a quick tour of less well-known homes & public gardens from Mexico, Greece, Germany, the Caribbean, Italy, and Belgium.

Add to all that a smattering of Washington D.C., Disney, a couple castle gardens and a pilgrim garden. Then, a tease of one of the best garden destinations in the U.S. -- Buffalo, NY (photo at top!).

See you on Monday?


  1. I wish I could, but it's kind of a drive. I would love to hear a talk on garden tourism! Best of luck!

  2. NotSoAngryRedhead,
    I don't know. If you start Saturday morning, you could drive here by Monday noon.

  3. Sounds really interesting, might drop in if work allows. Hope you can make the Lewiston GardenFest this weekend. Next year, maybe you would consider being a speaker.

  4. GWGT/Donna,
    Hope you can make it! I will endeavor to get to Lewiston. If I do at all, it would be Sunday. But don't expect me. There's Parkside & Williamsville tours too. It's garden crazy season in Buffalo Niagara.

    And as far as speaking, I'd love to -- but you probably won't be able to afford my speaking fee. Now it's set at $0, but by next year, it could skyrocket!

  5. I don't suppose there will a podcast of your talk available somewhere?!

  6. Sprout,
    Last time I did a talk there, they did record it. That was for a different group though. I don't know if the Library does that. I will check. Though a garden talk without the visuals is like a fluffernutter sandwich without the fluff.


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