A bed of succulants

Literally. At the Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens, they now have a bed of succulents. And a dresser. And a table. And a doghouse.

And, along with the succulent "show" was the exhibit "Cacti and Other Treasures" in the Arcangel Gallery at the Gardens, of artistically rendered photographs of, you guessed it, more succulents. The exhibition was of photos by Buffalo artist Eileen Graetz. Eileen was the artist of two past Garden Walk Buffalo posters (2011 & 2008) and also of this past year's Parkside Garden Tour's poster. Th exhibition closed this week.


  1. I went in to the garden center last week with a craving for succulents - but couldn't make up my mind and left empty handed. You don't make it any easier.

  2. Pat/Commonweeder,
    Kinda makes me want to make in investemnt in some succulents. But I'm never really sure what from to grow them in, I've seen so many creative ways to grow them, from terrariums to wreaths. And I can't just do ordinary plants in pots, That'd be boring.


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