Plants in cans

This must be the newest way to sell plants. These are photos from a recent trip to Amsterdam - in the flower market. I'd seen canned cannabis before, but now all sorts of plants come in cans - birds of paradise, Venus flytraps, orange trees, lemon trees, sensitive plants, cucumbers, daisies, strawberries and tulips. Haven't seen these in the States yet. Wonder how long they stay viable? I wonder too, if it is allowed to bring them into the states in cans?


  1. I truly hope this does not take off on a large scale. Think of the unsustainable process of making metal cans! This is innovative and seems to be an effort to provide plants for consumers in a convenient way, but there must be a better way!

  2. Willow Hill,
    THAT was also my first thought when I saw them. I can't imagine a flower, or even a tree can offset the cost & environmental aspects of a canning factory for plants.


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