Gnasty Gnomes

Gnomes for your garden (not mine). You can't see it here, but the gnome on the right, behind the frog, is exposing his gnome gnaughty bits. I didn't feel it was okay to rearrange the display to get a shot of him. But I regret that now. Found these in a novelty gift shop in Amsterdam, Holland, across from the Hortus Botanicus.


  1. Oh, gno! Those crazy Europeans. I should gnote that my own grandmother introduced me to gnomenclature in the garden. She had quite a few, but all were very chaste.

  2. My, my, you could always just take a picture of that gnaughty gnome you bought for your garden....ha, ha, ha.

  3. Helen,
    You may assume your mother's gnomes were chaste, but god only knows what they do at night.

    If I ever get back there, I need a photo of the other flashing gnome. I think the pictures are even better than the real thing.

  4. If I get there, I will bring one or two home! HA!


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