Garden Walk on the front page–above the fold!

We did get some incredible coverage from the Buffalo News this year. I met up with News photographer Bill Wippert in the Cottage District on the day before the Walk to shoot some gardens. We came across Garden Walk gardener Mary Louise, trimming her enormous hedge with scissors (she told us she can't lift a hedge trimmer, so she's always out there with her scissors keeping on top of the trimming). We got a few shots before she realized we were photographing her.

We then approached her and told her we were taking some shots and asked if we could take a few photos of her working in the garden. She protested and protested, not wearing anything nice and not having run a brush though her hair. She didn't want to pose for us and kept protesting (in a nice way). Until we started to walk away. Then she yelled after us and asked if this pose, the one that we used on the front page of the paper was okay. We came back and took more photos. She was very sweet.

After the photo ran, I got this email from one of her neighbors, "Mary Louise is running on the last 5% of her heart muscle (and a lot of spit and vinegar) and really, really deserved that front page foto despite all her protestations. And she was just in her glory over it (bought six copies of the paper even tho' she has no living relatives) although she's still denying it..."

Kinda' makes you smile, no?


  1. Definitely makes me smile. What a wonderful gardener she is!

  2. There should be more good news on the front page.

  3. Absolutely heartwarming. I love how you all started walking away and then she yelled, "wait..." Her body might be betraying her but it sounds like her mind and heart are as strong as ever. And how nice that the neighbor wrote in. Gardening often brings out the best in us, doesn't it? You should be proud!

  4. what gardener could really resist? i couldn't...

  5. That is indeed wonderful coverage. It would take a bribe to get our local paper to even bury a story like this in the back.

  6. Now that is my idea of a front page story. And it gives me hope that I will be out there to the bitter end with my little scissors, too!


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