Garden Walk Reflections, by Sally

All this week I've posted articles the Buffalo News ran this year in advance, during and post Garden Walk Buffalo.

But one of the biggest fans of Garden Walk in all of Buffalo is the Buffalo News garden columnist, Sally Cunningham. She's an evangelist for the Walk, always offering support of any kind–but not always in her column–one can't play favorites. She is a strong supporter of ALL garden tours in the area. Nothing educates a gardener better than a garden tour and the ability to ask questions of other gardeners–of any skill level.

This year, Sally wrote two great articles about Garden Walk. The first, the day before the Walk, was entitled Wondering along the Garden Walk, which you can read here. It comes complete with a cheat sheet of what types of flowers a visitor might expect to see.

The other article ran after the Walk and was titled Reflections on Garden Walk you can read it here. This column reinforced some of the take-aways from Garden Walk (or any garden tour, for that matter), such as:
  • The generosity of the people
  • How to use space
  • Personal marks
  • Artifacts and props
  • Quiet places
  • Wonderful plants
Thanks for bearing with me as I catalog our press from this year's Garden Walk. I'm away all week–we slipped into Cape Cod between the Kennedy-Shriver funeral and the Obama vacation.


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