Scary Tree

Not sure what type of tree this is, other than angry. Saw this this past weekend on the grounds of the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Graycliff house. It's one mean-lookin' tree.


  1. It's so evil it's funny! An oddity for sure. I'm clueless as to its Latin identity and I have to wonder why anyone would want such a tree growing on their grounds. Hmm...

  2. I would NOT want to shinny up that tree!

  3. Thats scary. I wonder how the birds get on with it

  4. oh, i've seen that before... you must have been close to sleeping beauty's castle. (ha)

  5. A truly scary tree...I wish the twins had found this s few years ago then they may have decided against climbing trees, falling out and breaking limbs in several places!!

  6. Grace,
    It is evil. Kind of tree you see guarding a princess' castle in old movies.

    Jamie & Randy,
    Not possible.

    I should think birds would do alright–better than a bear.

    Not close to Sleeping Beauty's castle, but one of Frank Lloyd Wright's castles.

    Oh, but a tree like this is a challenge for kids. They could have had broken limbs AND bloody cuts. Consider yourself lucky!

    Honey Locust? It sounds so sweet and innocent.

  7. Some kind of Hawthorne? They can have pretty deadly thorns. Plant them around your house for a crime deterrent.

  8. Yes, perhaps a Honey locust aka Gleditsia triacanthos -- the epithet meaning three thorns. Honey refers to the sweet pulp produced by the seed pods. You can eat the pulp, and also use it to make beer, if that makes the thorns a little easier to live with. It's a native North American tree.

    Hard to definitively ID without a look at the leaves and flowers, but have a look:


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