More Garden Walk press

On the second (last) day of Garden Walk, the Buffalo News printed this article. Bear in mind that the Home & Garden editor of the News is a "friend of the Walk." But we never know what coverage we'll get each year.

Months preceding the Walk, we are in touch by phone or email once every few weeks, but there's never an "ask" to cover the Garden Walk. Nor does she fill me in, necessarily, on what coverage she has in mind. And then there's other "sections" of the paper that may be covering the Walk without her knowledge. But the amount of coverage this year was outstanding!

For this article, which you can read the full article here, but there were some good quotes:

"Saturday, urban planters and wide-eyed suburbanites trekked from Huron Street all the way to Bird Avenue, and caravans of cars caused momentary backups on Elmwood Avenue."

"What started as a four-block stroll on the edge of the Elmwood Village has since transformed into one of the biggest events of the summer and a registered nonprofit."

“The Garden Walk has done more for the West Side than any of the silver bullet projects. It’s pretty — it brings us together.”

And then there's a nice comment from a visitor from Texas that makes the pilgrimage here each year to attend the Walk, added to the comments section of the article post

Then, there's this comment added to the post too, "A Garden Walk? Are you kidding me? LMAO
Sounds like they interviewed the only 2 people that attended." I felt like adding a comment to say it was closer to 50,000 attendees, but instead I was too busy LMAO that this person had nothing better to do than add a comment to an article about a garden tour.


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